Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mark Davis Watch

From yeseterday's DMN:

"A reduction in the American arsenal means mitigating the strength that won the Cold War and kept evil nations at bay for 65 years.
While we are told daily that we have enough nukes to destroy the world several times over, that's not the point. A city's police force has enough bullets to slaughter huge segments of the population, but that's not what they're for.
A well-armed police force makes criminals think twice about committing crimes. A well-armed America makes global tyrants and terrorists think twice about plying their dark will...

"...But that treaty and the useless 'Nuclear Security Summit' are not the worst developments of the last few days. That distinction goes to Obama's decision to alter one of our most important positions, the Nuclear Posture Review, the general statement of how we view our arsenal and our responsibility to weigh its potential use with wisdom. For decades, the most valuable part of America's nuclear policy has been that no misbehaving nation has known what exactly might trigger a response. Well, they know more now. Obama has done every tyrant the favor of hedging on nuclear retaliation in the event of a chemical or biological attack against America. Evil leaders enjoy further comfort from knowing America will not develop any new nuclear technologies, such as limited-yield devices that could deter terrorist nations from their most dangerous plans."

Mark Davis thinks the United States should, in keeping with its historic role as the world's police, be able to attack any country at any given time. By virtue of the "police force" analogy we can surmise that Mr. Davis also thinks that police officers should be able to shoot anyone they want at any given time. Oh Mark, you so ku-wayyzayy.

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